Rocko just wants a modern life…

If you didn’t think of this (below) when you read the title of this post….well, then you are really young and now, I officially feel old.


Anyways, week 16 is Tristan’s pick and she has selected Rocko who is an 8 year old Lab/American Bulldog mix. This guy has Tristan (and the rest of us at Project Pal) wrapped around his finger for a few reasons (no, not just because he is brown & white and looks just like Elvis & Cammy who were also her picks ha!). First and foremost, Rocko was an owner surrender in OCTOBER, because his family was moving….

But, the wonderful folks at MCACC have given Rocko a second third chance at finding his forever home.  One of the volunteers who has spent time with him said he is a great dog– he loved the Wag & Walk hike and made friends with a 10-year-old boy while there.  He is interested in other dogs, but does not bark at them. Given the opportunity, Rocko would chase cats which for me is actually a selling point  for you feline-lovers, just giving full disclosure on Rocko’s distaste for kitties.

Overall, Rocko is very well-mannered.  He knows “sit”, “shake” and “lay down”.  The shelter also believes Rocko to be house-trained (major bonus points there). He also loves to cuddle and will even lean in for hugs and pets.  Most of all, Rocko loves play time….so much so he will lay on his back and wiggle his legs around. He is a sweet dog and is READY to have a home of his own.

Rocko was adopted in March, and returned for being “hyper”….well, to the lovely family that adopted Rocko and returned him, maybe if you got off your bums and walked this sweet guy every once in a while his energy level wouldn’t have been a problem. A lot of us have dogs with energy and we choose to embrace it! Actually, it might just be the motivation you need to help get you up and moving, maybe to lose a few lbs, or help keep your heart pumping.

So let’s keep the momentum from last week going and help find Rocko a new, REAL, forever home where he will have endless tennis balls, kongs, and all the toys he can dream of to play all day long.

If you are interested in adding this free, personal trainer to your life (courtesy of Tristan who sponsored his adoption fee) you can visit him today at MCACC East Shelter. His ID is A2319929.

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