Mack Daddy Needs a Home!

Last week, while trying to obtain photos of another pup at MCACC one of the gal’s at the shelter, Beth (who helps us with gathering pictures and information on our weekly Project Pals) gently requested that we consider Mack for one of our weeks.  So, when Nikki’s week rolled around (Week 14) she knew Mack was her man. Side note: Nikki always picks the sweetest dogs around.

Mack may be 9 years old, and a more distinguished/experienced fella, but we know that with age comes wisdom. Mack may be wise, but he has a young soul. This active 9 year old runs to the front of his kennel to greet Beth every day so she can take him for a run in the dog park.

Here’s another perk to picking an older gentleman, he is HOUSEBROKEN. No accidents with this guy. Mack was an owner surrender (along with his fur sister who was adopted last week). He has done well with kennel mates in the past, so bring your current dog in to the shelter for a meet & greet if you are interested in him! Mack also does well with kids! If you have a family and you’re not interested in cleaning up #1 & #2 accidents all day long….and you want a sweet K9 friend who will love you and your kids unconditionally, Mack is for YOU.

His owners who clearly don’t understand that when you get a dog, you are committed to him/her for their entire life mentioned  that in the past, Mack did not love small, male dogs he’s probably just not into the little man complex those guys tend to have.

Also, no cats for Mack….it’s possible he senses that most of them are up to no good…which I also firmly believe.

Here we are sitting in front of our computers asking you to give this guy a chance to get out of his kennel and show you what a gem he is. All he needs is love and a few toys and he’ll be the happiest guy around.

What are you waiting for?….click SHARE! Let’s #findMackahome

MCACC West Shelter A3726213

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