Everyone needs a Polly Pocket of their own.

SO, week 15 has been off to an insane/AMAZING start with Project Pal and MCACC. First, we selected Bert & Sandy…the day we called to sponsor their adoption fee, we find out they were adopted (AFTER I had collected the photos and written their blog post).  THEN, I rushed back to the drawing board on Monday night and selected Amber. I called first thing Tuesday morning, sponsored her adoption fee, obtained pictures, wrote HER blog….and just as I was preparing to post her introduction on our social media, we get an email that Amber was being adopted at that very moment. Incredibly exciting for Bert, Sandy, and Amber…and for MCACC.

As I was telling Tristan how stressed I was about finding, yet another, Week 15 choice…she conveniently produced this list of “long-timers” at MCACC.  Together, we selected Polly Pocket.  I called to make the donation to sponsor her adoption fee and turns out some other kind soul has already done so.  Therefore, the weekly Project Pal donation in honor of the selected pal will be going to one of Polly’s other long-timer friends selected by Beth at the shelter who helps us each week! Basically, what I am saying is that Polly Pocket comes with really great karma….and this is the third blog I have written in 24 hours. Help.

It seems like fate that we stumbled upon Polly Pocket.  As some of you may remember from Marney (back in week 5) I am obsessed with big dogs stuck in a small dogs body, and that is exactly what we have here with P.P.

Polly Pocket is full of spunk and is literally bursting with character.  She is a three year old, pint-sized pal who walks with a serious purpose.  P.P. is a pup who will provide her future family with endless entertainment and smiles.

If you think you might be interested in Polly Pocket, you can visit her at MCACC EAST Shelter. Her ID is A3700821.

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2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a Polly Pocket of their own.

    1. Hi Brittany, the shelter says they definitely suggest bringing your current dog(s) in to the shelter for a doggie intro so the staff can make sure everyone gets along! Her day foster said she loves meeting people but was never jumpy, ignored other dogs or noticed them and continued with her business. The day foster says she walks well on the leash, was never aggressive toward anyone, just “noticed” them. She didn’t leap on anyone, just went by them to see if they would pet her. The day foster said she is secretly a lap dog and that Polly Pocket is her favorite day foster dog so far!


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