Annabelle Awaits!

Meet Annabelle!


Annabelle is the cutest and stockiest girl I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! This girly is about 4-5 years old and is extremely mellow and calm. I mean, look at the photo below… I’m talking caaallllmmmm!


This angel is so sweet and friendly, and she gets along well with dogs (but a doggy intro is required prior to adoption). This gentle girl is definitely a lover not a fighter <3. But is also not above giving some serious side eye haha!

Annabelle is a resilient pup. She didn’t have the easiest start and the shelter thinks that Annabelle was purely used for breeding purposes :(. AB (Annabelle obvi) is still having a rough time at the shelter. She is understandably shy and scared and she needs our help finding a forever home!! We know Annabelle can fit in with basically any household because she is SO easy to love.

If you are looking to make a short, stocky, ADORABLE addition to your family, Annabelle is your girl!! Annabelle is at MCACC West (2500 S 27th Avenue PhoenixAZ 85009) and her ID is A3977572. Spread the word and let’s get this girl out of the shelter and into a home. Annabelle Awaits!!

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