This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Hey now, hey now… this week’s PAL is Dream, and she really is what dreams are made of! Hopefully you understand the musical reference (Spoiler: It’s from the Oscar-winning film, The Lizzie McGuire Movie…Sing to me Paolo!)

Dream is a white and tan American Pit Bull Terrier and is estimated to be about 7 years old. This girl has been at MCACC East for WAY TOO LONG – since April 27, 2017 :(. But, everyone who meets Dream says that she is perfectly named because she is just that, a dream <3. I mean, first of all, just look at that sweet face!!


Dream gets along great with humans (kiddos too!) and she is super affectionate and sweet. She loves to make people happy and give them kisses. Dream gets playful and silly but still has moderate energy. She is super fun but is also pretty low key (she is what we call a #DreamGirl). She enjoys taking walks and walks well on a leash. Oh, most importantly, she is pint sized, which if you have been reading our blog you know that pint-sized pups are our FAVORITE (EEK!!!)!

Dream has seen real progress while out of her kennel at play groups. Initially, she was NOT about dog socializing and preferred solely human interaction, which is weird because I only prefer dog interaction ;). But, she is in the midst of a major transition. She has been attending small, controlled play groups and has been doing well! At first she only got along well with calmer male dogs but recently has been hanging out closer to male and female dogs in the play group. She has even recently played with a younger pup! While she is not “dog social” we do not necessarily believe that she requires being an only dog. However, a doggy intro is required prior to adopting Dream!

We all know the saying “Good things come to those who wait” and we are hoping that good great things are on the horizon for this cutie pie. She has so much love to give and we know whoever adopts Dream is the luckiest person alive! Dream is at MCACC East (2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201) and her ID is A3925658.

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