Jill + Pup Tees = <3

The best part about starting Project PAL has been seeing that there are people in our community who truly WANT to help. Our followers have been SO supportive and we would not be where we are without you guys, and trust us… we know it! So, for this week’s fashion series, enter Jill. Jill is one of the many amazing people who support our initiative through Pup Tees and we are so thankful for her <3.

Jill’s favorite part about Pup Tees is that 100% of the proceeds go straight to the Shelter Dog Program. Have we advertised that before ;)?! Of course, it doesn’t help that in exchange, Jill receives a soft, comfortable, AND cute shirt for her donation! We are SO grateful to all of our generous sponsors for covering all costs and allowing us to truly donate 100% of the proceeds to One Love’s Shelter Dog Program.

As you have seen, there are tons of ways to style the various Pup Tees on our website. Jill’s favorite way is a classic – denim shorts, comfy shoes, a Nixon watch, and beaded bracelets for a pop of color. Of course, in this Arizona heat no one bothers to have their hair down, so Jill opts for an amazing messy bun! Question… If I haven’t been able to perfect the messy bun, can I still call myself a Phoenician?!

In the colder dessert winter, Jill prefers to wear her Pup Tee with skinny jeans, converse, and an open cardigan (so that the cute phrases are still readable)! But sorry, it’s just too freakin’ hot in AZ to model a winter look right now but trust us, it’s a cute outfit ;)! Jill loves when people ask her where her shirt is from because she can help spread the word and send them STRAIGHT to ShopPupTees.com.


After Pookie came into Jill’s life, she realized how important it was to help shelter dogs find homes. Jill, like the rest of us, wants ALL dogs to find a forever home and hopes to end the stigma that Pit Bulls currently face. Jill truly walks the walk and supports companies that align with her beliefs. Besides Pup Tees, Jill also purchases products from Max and Neo who donate a collar to a pup in need whenever a collar is purchased (modeled by Pookie!). Jill is a true role model who leads by example and we are just so thankful for her support and for her agreeing to be featured on this week’s Style Blog :).

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