Everyone, meet Mack.  Mack is a really special guy…and we are about to tell you why.

A few years ago, Mack came to our friends at One Love from a suspected dog fighting bust in Laveen.  The Arizona Humane Society Animal Cops removed him from the scene. Mack was held as evidence, along with 13 other dogs until the owner signed them over. Unfortunately, most of the other dogs did not make it :(. Mack was valley fever positive at the time. Here is Mack, the day he was confiscated from his owner:

😦 To be honest, it’s hard for me to even stomach the thought of where Mack came from because it is so easy to let myself get sucked down the rabbit hole and end up writing hate emails to Michael Vick’s agent because he is the only dog fighting ass wipe I actually know of and we might be slightly insane end up forgetting the real reason we are here.

SO, while it is important to share where Mack came from to show his resilience and what a special guy he is, we want to focus on who he is now, and what he has been doing the past few years! Mack is simply a really happy go lucky, energetic fella who literally lives for snugs. He truly has a precious innocence about him and we just ❤ him to pieces.

Mack was adopted out to a family, and lived with them for a few years.  He was recently returned to One Love because, well, life happens and things change for people. Mack is still the same, fun-loving dog, but his family could no longer care for him after adding more dogs to their crew. Rather than pass judgement, our friends at One Love are taking this opportunity to pour their energy and resources into Mack so he can find his REAL forever. Mack has actually been enjoying a board & train visit with favorite trainer, David from ZenK9. Mack got rave reviews and we know he has enjoyed the company of other tolerant, similar-sized pups.

Mack is no lazy bum either. This pup is always up for a walk, a run, a hike, or a swim! He is a true gem.

This week, we’d love to help our friends at One Love find Mack a home. We would even settle for helping them find a foster home for Mack that way he can have a bed/couch to relax on since that’s the life he’s grown accustomed to these days!

Look…here’s the deal. Mack is a really special guy and he deserves a really special family. One that will choose him, every day….even when life happens. If you are interested in meeting Mack, or learning more about him contact our friends at One Love info@oneloveaz.org ❤

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