Laid back and lovely!

GUYS, we totally dropped the ball on last week’s Style Series. We are sure you were all super devastated so, don’t worry, we’re BACK.  This week we are featuring Nikki Maggio!  Nikki is one of the co-founding members behind Project PAL.

We are super excited for Nikki because she actually just had a major life change…she changed jobs!  Nikki literally just finished her final days working for Cutter Aviation at Phoenix Sky Harbor, a private FBO where general aviation aircraft fly into. She says that working for Cutter was one of the best jobs she has ever had, she loved the variety it offered from greeting guests on the ramp, pulling catering and personal vehicles for passengers, to working dispatch and billing. This week, Nikki started her new job as an Administrative Assistant for DriveTime where there will be more room for personal growth! We are so pumped for her!

While working for Cutter, uniforms were required each day.  SO, obviously as soon as she walked in the door from work the first thing she did was take off her bra change into comfortable clothes. Guess what her go-to shirt is….our vintage Pup Tee, Turn Up For Pups campaign! LOLing at my use of the word “vintage” since this campaign came out less than a year ago, but guys…you have to act fast with Pup Tees! Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Anyways… here’s what Nikki has to say about styling her Pup Tees:

This tee is my absolute favorite! It is comfortable, extremely soft, AND you can literally wear it with ANYTHING.  My personal favorite happens to be to pair it with my signature Lululemon Inspire crops accompanied by my favorite pair of flip flops by Rainbow. I have to be in heels or running shoes constantly for work, so you could say that my feet are a little claustrophobic.. I wear flip flops almost 365 days out of the year, yes sometimes even in winter.  Like I said, my style matches my personality!


Leggings, Necklace, Ring, Ring 2,  Shirt (Vintage)
Now, having left Cutter Aviation and starting a new adventure as an Administrative Assistant at DriveTime, I had to find a whole new wardrobe of clothes to wear to work (okay, so maybe uniforms I had to wear at Cutter Aviation weren’t THAT bad..) so when I’m not seen in my uniform or yoga pants which is a RARE occurrence, you can find me in my absolute FAVORITE pair of jean shorts ever. Enter the Hudson jean shorts! These have a sewn cuff, which makes washing extremely easy as I don’t have to fuss with re rolling the cuff and it not staying put. And again pairing it with my favorite pair of flippy floppies.  You can find me also wearing a few of my most loved accessories, a dainty gold bracelet my sister got as a gift for me on her Eurotrip, accompanied by two gold rings (links above), and my favorite necklace of life—the gold bar necklace (link above).

Sandals, Jean Shorts, Bracelet, Purse, SHIRT (duh)

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

We are actually obsessed with our brand new campaign “Puppies/Evertyhing”  Be sure to visit today to pick one up while we have inventory!! They’ll go quick!!! Remember 100% of the money you spend on a Pup Tee goes straight to the Shelter Dog Program!  How can you not want one of these new v-necks?! Look how effing cute it is on Nikki!!

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