A guy, his dog, and Pup Tees.

This week’s style series features the most wonderful guy in the world (ok, maybe I am a LITTLE biased), my husband, Justin French! It also features his soul pup, Hayley Marie French!
(YOU GUYS, I cannot handle the level of cuteness here)

Justin is a Pup Tees by Project PAL supporter first and foremost, because he has to be one. Literally zero choice in the matter. BUT, I will say that after our family adopted Hayley last year, I think Justin’s whole world changed.  Prior to adopting Hayley, Justin and I would participate in the monthly Hope Whispers Walk at MCAC East. He would also always be on board for being the photog behind Pup Tees promo pictures for us except the very first shoot we ever did when he drank too much fire water the night before and disappeared after like the first 10 photos (he walked home without telling anyone…so that was hilar). Thank goodness for my dad who also brought his camera and saved the day.  Anyways, after we adopted Hayley his whole world changed. I’m talking nightly walks with treat pouches clipped on to his shorts, high-pitched words of affirmation when Hayley walks without pulling for 1/2 a second, and take-your-dog-to-work-days. ❤
Fast forward to a year and a half later and I truly believe that Justin is now actually a true Pup Tees fan. His favorite shirts are his Pup Tees. Why? Because he is tall and lean, and our unisex Pup Tees fit him literally perfect. Once our Mutt Life campaign came out, it was all over. I think Justin might actually be our best Mutt Life hat customer. Nine times out of ten, if you see Justin outside of the work day, he is wearing a Mutt Life hat. He has also had to purchase multiple hats at this point because he wears them to the gym and sweats through them (don’t worry, Justin pays full price for every Pup Tee he owns. #nofamilydiscountshere )

T-Shirt, HatSunglassesShoes, Watch

Justin owns a Resurfacing & Paint company called SX Paint + Resurfacing. Even though he works in the construction industry, he dresses up every single day.  So, when he’s not working, this is his go-to outfit combo.

When I told Justin (the night before at 10pm) that he had to be a Pup Tees model the next morning…he was a little irritated that I had yet to do laundry that week. BUT, he pulled together two good looks. Enter the JORTS:

Hat, Sunglasses, Watch, Bracelet, Shoes, Shorts, Shirt

BEHOLD! Check out how great the fit on this Mutt Life shirt is…and it is soft AF, which are the two main reasons Justin wears it whenever it is clean!

Also, can we just talk about how Hayley took a casual swim in the Scottsdale Civic Center pond?  Totally a no-swim zone. We are so classy.  BUT, we forgive her because LOOK AT HER:


fullsizeoutput_2630SHOP HAYLEY’S LOOK:

❤ ❤ ❤
Our blog photog Monica Adalsteinsson really outdid herself on these photos of JF and Hayley!!!! Thank you, Monica!!! We appreciate you and your dedication!!!

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