Mr. Shy Guy

This week’s PAL is named Harley! Harley is a sweet and sensitive 7-year old Pit Bull/Lab mix. He is quite shy and takes a bit of time to warm up to people but he eventually comes around!


It takes some patience to get this fella to open up but one volunteer said that after spending some time with him and giving him (a lot) of treats, he was feeling much more comfortable. He even wagged his tail a little when they walked by his kennel afterwards <3. Apparently you can buy friends with treats haha!

Harley is extremely mellow and gentle. He likes cuddles and *gentle* pets and would probably do best in a quieter home environment. However, Harley gets along GREAT with other dogs. He has a kennel mate and they get along GREAT! He loves to be around other dogs and they seem to make him very happy, like the below picture!

harley fb

Recently, Harley had his first training class and did very well! He completed many confidence building exercises and commands. He responded very well to the hot dog treats, which I FULLY understand. Harley is at MCACC West (2500 S. 27th Avenue) and his ID is A3542718. Come and meet this cutie today! This is the week to find his FUR-ever home <3.

Harley 2

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