Wife.Mom.Project Manager.Advocate.Pup Tees Supporter.

The best part about this style series on our blog has been getting to see who our Pup Tees supporters really are. Take for example, Theresa Pappas:

Theresa wears a million hats (figuratively).  She is a stay-at-home toddler wrangler (which, if you ask us, sounds like more than we can actually handle job-wise). Theresa’s daughter is three and her name is Lola (adorable).  Turns out life with Lola is anything but dull! In addition to negotiating with a toddler full time, Theresa also works full time as a Project Manager for an International Commercial Real Estate Services company.
Image result for she's a bossWhile Theresa’s days are typically filled with chaos (tantrums from her daughter…..and clients —jk we just added that part, Theresa loves her clients) and spills, she can’t imagine life any other way.  Her life’s mantra is “Sometimes you need one cup of coffee….and sometimes you need 20” or a coffee IV.

When asked why she purchased a Pup Tee for the first time because for once, we didn’t force the purchase on someone Theresa tells us she did it because ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds are donated to the Shelter Dog Program, and turns out, Theresa and her family are obsessed with pit bull type dogs. Theresa says any organization that advocates for their favorite breed gets a thumbs up from the Pappas fam!
Mr. Theresa Pappas (see what I did there? His name is Nick and we ❤ him, but since this blog is about Theresa we thought it would be fun to give him a cheeky nickname today) recently started volunteering with One Love and Theresa and Lola have been joining the crusade to give Nick’s side pits love from the whole family crew. Lola especially looks forward to training, and their family has really embraced the opportunity to pour love and dedication into each of Nick’s side pits as a family.

The Pappas family just moved back to AZ from California (we’re sure they are thrilled to be enduring the effing blazing summer heat here). In California, Nick worked as the Foster Care Supervisor for the Placer SPCA. SO, to sum it up, the Pappas crew = fanatic pit bull lovers.

Here is what Theresa has to say about styling her Pup Tee:

My outfit is quite simple! 90% of the time you will see me in this exact style of an outfit. (Head to toe: mom bun, because I don’t exactly know what to do with my hair anymore, super comfy shirt (Mutt Life✊🏽), leggings and flip flops). 

I also wear just a solid wedding band all the time and then when I’m feeling fancy, like putting my hair in a braid, lol, I put on my wedding ring.

❌Ring ❌Shirt, got at LGO!! 🍊 , but you can get it here❌ Leggings, super comfy (yes, legging are pants for mommas who run around after their (almost) 3 year old all day)! ❌flip flops.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you, Theresa for being willing to help us with this week’s style series! You are adorable and we appreciate your support!!!!

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