A Deeper Look into One of Life’s Great Mysteries.

Ladies and gentleman, today on the blog we are going to discuss one of life’s great mysteries: why (the F) does Ozzie not yet have a home?
File Aug 02, 9 05 53 AM
The other day, I was scrolling through Instagram and what do I see? Ozzie’s face on the page of one of his fellow classmates in One Love training. The caption read “This is my friend, Ozzie, that I met at my One Love doggie training.  He is my favorite classmate! He is so chill and laid back, SO friendly and plays GREAT with others. I’ve heard he’s a shelter favorite!…” So, here’s the thing, the caption did not surprise me…because we already knew all of that about Ozzie.   What surprised me was that the dog who’s perspective the caption was written from is usually pretty vocal and reactive to other dogs…SO to hear that he had found a friend at training speaks volumes about Ozzie.

Ozzie isn’t the type of dog to ignore human attention for K9 attention, he is a believer in equal opportunity. So, why is he still available for adoption? He’s been at the MCAC East shelter for a LONG time. And back in June he was even invited to the MCAC Shelter Dog Pool Party…where he literally got to go to a pet resort and swim/run/play for a few hours.  He was invited because he’s such an all-around great party guest. Ozzie has manners, he is polite with everyone, and he has good indoor and leash etiquette. When he gets pulled from his kennel, he knows to ignore the other (envious) dogs barking at him trying to get a rise out of him and continues on his merry way.

This past weekend Ozzie went to training (and was a perfect student), went to Petco (and was a perfect shopper), went to his friends house (and was the perfect house guest). There is literally no downfall with Ozzie. No hang ups. No road blocks. And no weird quirks.

The time has come for this two year old, precious pup to land a family deserving of his perfection. He is located at MCAC East and his ID is A3871243.

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