Self-titled blog: Kim.

So, this week’s style series is a little awkward……..mostly because it features me. I don’t know how style bloggers are so smooth when talking about themselves, but here goes nothing! This is me (Kim French)….
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By day, I work as an event manager for the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation. We do an annual event in Phoenix and one in Italy. I started working for CFN back in 2009 as an intern and was offered the event manager position in 2011 after graduating from ASU (Go Devils!). I am slightly severely OCD, and fortunately, Nina & Nikki (who I do Project PAL with) have learned to embrace it — bless them.  Last December, our friends at One Love decided they wanted to try putting up with my excessive use of spreadsheets, overwhelming anxiety about any and all dog-to-dog interactions, and complete uselessness while at the Shelter (I finally learned how to look up kennel numbers so I can do at least one thing on my own), and invited me to join their Board as Director of Fundraising & Events!

I’m married to literally the best guy ever, Justin French, and I’ve got a 10-year-old stepdaughter, Bellamy! Justin (and I guess me too, because we are married) owns a paint & resurfacing company. We have two pups, Reggie – who I adopted while I was in college, and Hayley — who we adopted through One Love almost exactly a year ago. Best decisions we have ever made!  Life is pretty chaotic for us, but thankfully, Justin and Bell are totally on board with all things Project PAL + One Love <3.

Every clothing item I own is purchased with comfort in mind, because well, that’s just how my life goes these days. There are two totally embarrassing things you should know about my wardrobe/style. One- I wear exercise clothing as if I am the biggest gym fanatic you have ever met. However, up until a few months ago, I literally refused to exercise. Justin has many times called me a poser. And, I guess he is right (don’t tell him I said that though)! Two- I am really hard on my clothes/shoes. I buy things with the intent to really wear them. Justin tells me (constantly) that I don’t take care of my things. MAYBE I have put on brand new, white, Nikes to take the dogs for a walk in the rain more than once…… Anyways, the good news is, if I own it…it’s probably a pretty durable/resilient item.

Here’s what I picked to wear with our Mutt Life crop top:

I am wearing lululemon leggings (because they are high-waisted and comfy AF), a lululemon sports bra, because I hate real bras (that’s a fun fact for you), and since this sports bra has a high neck, when I bend over I’m not pouring out of my tank tops — huge win. I am wearing Toms tennies, and bracelets by Pearls N Chains.

Bracelets, Shoes, Leggings, Sports Bra (my exact one isn’t online), Crop Top

One Love partnered with The SEV to offer a really cool lip tar color — 100% of the profits from every purchase of Seven goes to One Love! SO, I gave it a try:


Above (left) is a picture before I applied Seven and then on the right is after! Look at Rhonda’s face….Turns out she is way happier when I put the lip tar on!!!

Here are more pictures of me and Rhonda, because I’m obsessed with her and she is available for adoption at MCAC West (A3947778). Shameless plug for my girl. Also, bottom right picture……HHHAAAAAAA.

SO, this second Pup Tees style makes me LOL because I am really trying to make overalls happen for myself, but I think perhaps I am just not cute/trendy enough for them. Alas, here I am still trying. I wore them for the first time in California on vacation, and I walked out and my brother literally started laughing and said, “Kim, overalls? It’s a really good thing you’re married!”. You know what though, I dig them and that’s all that matters! OH, also, I bought this ring for myself after I survived our first Italy event. So, it holds a special place in my heart.

Ring, Overalls, Mutt Life Shirt

And, because I felt like I hadn’t properly showcased my Mutt Life shirt, and I am a bit of an opportunist when it comes to Pup Tees….I tossed on my jean shorts and sported this bad boy again in hopes that you guys would all buy one at either La Grande Orange in Phoenix or online 🙂

This is where to get my jean shorts if you like them! Shorts

Since I feel it is important to leave you with a good laugh…..

Hopefully you found something you like!

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