“Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda!”

Our newest shelter crush caught us by surprise, literally.  Her name is Rhonda, and this is her adorable mug:
Rhonda is literally like a cannon right off the bat….you unleash her and boom off she goes! She sprints around the play yard, and then, suddenly she remembers you are with her and that she is being rude.  SO, she makes a tight turn and comes sprinting back at you (full speed ahead), thankfully she slams on the brakes right before ramming into you. So far, she has avoided head on collisions. Then, Rhonda feels badly that she ignored you for a brief moment, so she immediately jumps up to kiss your face and apologize…which sometimes translates into a muzzle punch, because, let’s be honest, it really is pretty difficult to gauge how much strength to put behind any particular jump.

I am not going to lie, at first, the jumping concerned me (and then I felt like a total dill hole)…thankfully, Emily saw right past it and knew that Rhonda just needed a little lesson in manners.  We took her inside and immediately, we were in love. Rhonda really is a low-key lady.  Once she gets the initial meetings out of the way, she literally lays right down and just wants relax. When we had her out on Wednesday, she was pretty lazy. She’d get up, come over to us and request some head pets, or climb up on our laps (which is hard to resist, but we are trying to encourage her to keep all four on the floor!).

Rhonda has a bit of an under bite, which is honestly so endearing…look:
This lady came into the shelter with a buddy, Berton, and was kenneled with him.  Berton was adopted, so now she’s flyin’ solo! The shelter staff estimates her age to be pretty young, at just over a year old.

Let me just say that I spent a ton of time with Rhonda on both Saturday and Sunday. She participated in our style series blog photos on Saturday, and was honestly such a dream in the photo room. On Sunday, she sat with us in the volunteer room….for HOURS. Volunteers came and went, she greeted them all nicely and as friendly as ever.

Since Rhonda is still working on her manners, she would probably do best in a home where there are no kiddos, only because she is a big lady and might knock a little kid over.
Image result for dog knocking kid down gif

Unrelated, but both of my dogs have horrible manners, one head butts every single person she meets as soon as the opportunity presents itself. And the other totally tackles you like the kid in this video….so suddenly Rhonda’s jumping is looking way more acceptable. haha.

If you are interested in adopting Rhonda, she is at MCAC West and her ID is A3947778. Also, she let us dress her up in a flower crown and looked magical.

Also, because we knew you were singing this in your head…..

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