No June Gloom here!

You guys…..JUNE:


This lady is another hand-picked favorite of Emily & Justin’s! Which means we know two things about her by default, 1. SHE A MAMA (with boobies) 2. SHE A GOOD GIRL!

To quote Emily directly “June is doing great, June, Pretty Face, Wiggle Butt, Big Mama!”. This lady joined our group for the recent One Love volunteer orientation and proudly strutted her stuff around the auditorium to show all the eager volunteers how freaking great it is to work with shelter dogs like her!

June is so confident and comfortable in her own skin, and she’s not the type to pass on any treats or food, ever. In fact, a few of us can relate to a recent happening in June’s life. Apparently, one day Emily and Jay pulled June out and were concerned because her belly looked bigger than usual (they suspected bloating). However, after a quick vet check (where they could literally feel kibble in her belly) it was determined that Sweet June Bug had simply eaten a bit too much in one sitting….#FOODBABY. We can relate to June, sometimes after a visit to Chipotle we have the same problem.

June is known for a couple of things, girl is a mouth breather, AND can sniff out a snausage a mile away. While perusing the volunteer orientation June found someone with a stash of snausages and planted herself there for the entire time.

Oh, June…how she loves the feed sack.  But luckily for June, some of her friends are committed to keeping her active, enter Jay and a quick jog in the play yard to burn off said snausages:

Guys, look at June trotting after Jay with the biggest smile on her face ever.  We may have focused on her love for food, because well, we can relate.  BUT June is such a love and while she does like to play a bit, she’s truly the perfect low-key companion.

June will probably do best as the only dog in her home, but trust us, she’s got enough love to make you MORE than happy! If you have your heart set on June and you do have another dog, an intro would definitely be required prior to adoption.

This seven-year-old baby hippo/seal mix is what dreams are made of you guys. If you are interested in adopting June, visit Maricopa County Animal Care.  June’s ID is A3925685.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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