When you’re a boss B….abe

This week’s Style Series features someone who was crucial in the development of Pup Tees by Project PAL. When we were first tossing the idea for this fundraising tool around, we knew we wanted to partner with an organization that knew their sh*t. Enter Lindsey Blazevich.  After one meeting with Lindsey, we knew we had hit the Shelter Dog Advocate JACKPOT.


Lindsey is the CEO and Co-Founder of One Love Pit Bull Foundation. She is also a kick a** realtor. Lindsey and her husband, Chris, will probably end up taking over the world, but for right now…she’s busy helping her clients buy and sell their homes and spending all of her extra time being the mastermind behind many innovative solutions to help enrich the lives of Shelter Dogs in Maricopa County.

Lindsey has the life many of us dream of, she makes her own schedule (but works really effing hard and hustles constantly), she travels a ton, has an incredible list of friends, and is happily married with three spoiled pit bull type dogs at home.  Since Lindsey is always on the go, we knew she would choose to style her Pup Tee in the most sensible and adorable way. She did not disappoint.  Check out what Lindsey has to say:

From Lindsey:
I’m a girl who’s always on the go! Whether I’m showing properties or hanging out with dogs at the shelter, it’s not uncommon for me to get my hands dirty. For me, I love things that are stylish, comfortable and convenient.

For this outfit, I picked my favorite leggings from lululemon! They are soft, comfortable and durable. I paired them with my Converse Shorelines. I have narrow heels and most tennis shoes slip off. Converse shorelines have a little bit of elastic around the heel to keep them snug on your feet all day. This is especially helpful when you are running around with dogs.


Since the sun is ALWAYS shining here in Arizona, my shades are always on-hand. These Oakley Aviaters are my favorite! Except for one thing, the nose pieces always get stuck in your hair. Thankfully, Oakley found a solution to that problem. The nose pieces have a patented design that helps them stay on your face and prevents them from getting stuck in your hair.


I have a few accessory staples that I always wear.  My watch is by Nixon.  It is high quality, durable, with a little bling. Just my style.  My backpack +pins are by Rescue Strong, with one pin from Tito’s! This awesome backpack allows me to carry all the basics while I am at the shelter or working with dogs, while remaining hands-free. I mentioned that I like shiny things, right? This fabulous Not Vodka water bottle keeps my water cool all the time, whether I’m driving around the valley showing houses all day, or running around outside of the shelter. This is a must for Arizona. The sparkles are of course an added bonus.


There was a time when I wore high-heels every day, but it’s just not practical when you’re showing a two acre horse property or running around the shelter. That being said, just because I enjoy comfort doesn’t mean I skimp on quality. I love well-made, stylish and durable items. Which is one of the many reasons I love pup tees! I am obviously all about that message, but I also love the fabric and the fit. I could wash and dry that shirt 100 times and it would still fit the same. No matter how much dirt or dog slobber gets on it, I know it will stand the test of time. The same goes for most items in my wardrobe!


Leggings, Shoes, Watch, Sunnies, Backpack, Water Bottle + Not Vodka WebsiteEarringsLipstick

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Lindsey! We appreciate you taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule to help us with this week’s Style Series!  You are beautiful, fearless, and a force to be reckoned with so we are pretty effing grateful to be on your team!!!

HUGE thanks to Monica Adalsteinsson for being the best blog photog EVER! We ❤ YOU!

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