Listen Up Fellas!

(SINGLE) FELLAS LISTEN UP! Do you want to know the secret to getting a cute girl’s attention?! You wear a shirt that has a catchy pup-related pun on it. Now, go forth and attract thyself a girlfriend!  JK kind of. BUT seriously, show me a girl that won’t think it’s pretty effing cool that when she asks you about your shirt you tell her ALL THE DOLLARS went to help shelter dogs.  Ya, I know, genius. I’m always right (just ask my husband jk don’t, he will definitely not agree).

Anyways, this week’s featured fella is Evan Adalsteinsson! Evan may not be a single fella looking for tips to get a girlfriend (because he is married to the coolest/cutest gal ever, Monica!), but he sure knows how to showcase our Mutt Life shirt! And we REALLY feel like all people of any relationship status should wear our shirts because, well, the funds help the dogs, duh!!!   OK back to the actual point of the blog….we are pleased to introduce you to Evan!
Evan moved to Phoenix this past fall and his wife got him into volunteering for One Love Pit Bull Foundation and Maricopa County Animal Care. He likes to get to the shelter early before the public gets there and play with the dogs and take them for walks. He loves to evaluate them for behavior issues and to see what skills they have already. Evan also likes to help turn the pups into models for his wife, who “takes a billion photos of the dogs while they’re at the shelter” — direct quote from Evan, not us, for the record.

Evan bought a Pup Tee by Project PAL because he knows where the money is going. He can literally see it being used while he is at the shelter volunteering.  Evan says it’s a good feeling to wear clothes that promote the betterment of shelter dogs’ lives.

Here’s what Evan has to say about his Pup Tee Style:

Volunteering in the shelter I always keep some affordable and easily replaceable sunglasses with me. I found these at Target and like how they have a classic look, but also mix it up with the faux wood sides
fullsizeoutput_1e6cI love these shorts from Target, I think I have a pair in every color! They’re super comfortable and go with anything.
fullsizeoutput_1e70In Phoenix you need to stay hydrated, I bought this Hydroflask water bottle that I have named “Bottomless Pit”. It keeps my drinks cold for hours in our hot Summer! I needed to add a handle to lug this thing around, this handle is a paracord with a compass, whistle and fire-starter.  The water bottle is on sale now at REI.  The handle for the water bottle can actually be purchased through One Love Pit Bull Foundation’s Amazon Smile account.

I like to be comfortable and my Nike Flyknits fit the bill. Mine are an older style, but below I provided a link to a similar style.


Sunglasses, Mutt Life Shirt, Shorts, Water Bottle, Shoes

Hey Evan….you rock.  Thanks for being our first male style feature! We’d say you and your wife (photographer extraordinaire) nailed it on this one!!! We very much appreciate you both!!!!!!!

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