Take Her To The Gala (Or Just Home to the Couch…)

So you know how most days at work you tell yourself you’re going to go to the gym, go to the grocery store, run errands, clean the house, etc., and then just end up lying in bed watching Friday Night Lights* for the 4th time when you get home? Well, do you know who would NEVER judge you for that……… Gala.

Look, this girl is who she is and she is not going to apologize. She doesn’t need to go on hikes or go swimming. She doesn’t need to play hours and hours of fetch. She is just down to legit Netflix and Chill (see below).



We are told that this gal will plop her head into your lap and within a few minutes will be snoring out loud haha! This cutie is a snuggle love bug and all she needs to be happy is a buddy, a couch, and maybe a blanket or two ;).


Gala loves people and is extremely gentle. She is about seven years old and walks well on a leash. If you are thinking about giving Gala a furever home, but have a dog, you must have a doggy intro prior to adoption.

Gala is part of the Shelter Dog Program, which means that you will receive free post-adoption classes and a free microchip! Her ID is A3929528 and you can find this QT at MC Animal Care West (2500 S 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009). Spread the word and let’s find someone to take Gala to the Gala… errr I mean to the couch!

*Any show or movie can be substituted to make this more relatable to you… but Texas Forever and Tim Riggins is a dream boat.


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