Pup Tees Cara’s Way!

Ok, so this week’s Style Series is featuring our dear friend, loyal Pup Tees supporter, and volunteer extraordinaire, Cara.

This is Cara:

If someone asked us to make a long story short….we’d just say, plain and simple, that Cara is the ISH. (Good thing no one asked us to make a long story short since we have a lot to say….)

Cara first started seeing Project PAL posts when she began volunteering for One Love Pit Bull Foundation. Our #TurnUpforPups campaign was the first one to catch her eye! Once she realized the concept behind Project PAL, she was all in. Featuring shelter dogs, blog posts, Pup Tees, events (all to help dogs)…yep, near and dear to her heart!

Interestingly enough, Cara had never been involved in animal welfare prior to reaching out to One Love for some help finding an addition to her little family (just Cara and her Ranger Danger).  One Love helped Cara find her pup, Paula from MCAC West. After that, she was hooked. She wanted to help at the shelter any way she could.

Ironically, Cara never thought the Shelter would be a place she would be comfortable, turns out after she went through training…girl LOVES going to the shelter. She helps in the clinic, day fosters, trains new volunteers and does a TON of enrichment with the shelter dogs. #rockstar

For Cara, the cause is what motivates her to support Pup Tees by Project PAL. Every penny spent on a Pup Tee goes towards the Shelter Dog Program.  This means dogs get items (bully sticks, stuffed bones, kongs, toys, blankets etc), experiences (like training classes), flea & tick treatment and so on, during their stay at the shelter. Enrichment keeps their minds focused, healthy and ready to find their homes! At the end of the day, the money from Pup Tees provides these tools that help volunteers help the dogs, which is so important to Cara.

From Cara:
The First Look…
I’m a pretty casual person in general, so I like to keep things simple. Pup Tees add so much to my outfit that I love them to be the main focus!! The Mutt Life Tee is sooo soft and I like pairing it with blue jeans or colored pants and flats (cuz I’m a weenie and can’t wear heels 😜).

Mutt Life Shirt, Black Flats, Burgundy Pants, Sunnies 

The second look….
I live in my Shelter Puppies tank because I can wear it with anything and the fit of it is perfect. I haven’t worn shorts and tank tops in years but with this tank I feel confident and people ALWAYS ask me where I got it.

In these pictures I’m wearing denim shorts and a zip up, and it’s what I wore for the rest of the day because I was so comfortable and I felt awesome.

I’m also wearing a headband from rescuestrong.com which is another wonderful organization that sells amazing clothes and accessories to help animal welfare groups!
Shelter Puppies Tank, Shorts, Zip Up Hoodie, Earrings, Sunglasses, Headband

SO, in conclusion, not only am I able to help dogs by sporting my Pup Tees, but I have met a fantastic group of people in One Love and Project PAL that I am proud to call my family. Helping dogs and working for this cause has brought together a diverse group of people that I would be lost without.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

HEY CARA, YOU KICK A. We are grateful for you and appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to put together a couple outfits for our Style Series!  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again….every Pup Tee supporter has their favorite way to wear our comfy shirts and we are sure enjoying sharing those outfit ideas with you!

p.s. look how cute these four are….Pup Tees + adoptable Danice (who benefits from Pup Tees proceeds). Doesn’t get much better.



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