Her name was Lola, She was a show girl!

The shelter can be super overwhelming for me, so usually when I go I like to tag along with experienced volunteers. Two of my favorites to tag along with are Justin & Emily. These two have a knack for finding the most precious hidden gems within the MCAC shelter walls. (Just ask Emily, at any given time she has a running list of adoptable dogs and their IDs in her notes on her phone!)

Recently, these two stumbled upon a little mini dog who was listed as a “pit bull”. This little white pup was trembling in her kennel. Emily had to step into Lola’s kennel to get her out since she had pinned herself into the corner. Lola initially tried to resist Emily and Justin’s offers of food and affection, but turns out….she just needed someone to see her and give her a chance.  Check out this adorable sequence of events from the first time they had Lola out:

NOW, Lola has weaseled her way into the hearts of the entire One Love team.  This girl is TINY, cuddly and so effing silky soft!  She totally prances when she walks because she is dainty AF  alssoooo,  she gives the sweetest, most gentle smooches of.all.time. Quite possibly her best trait…ok second best.  Her best trait is that she has a STRIKING resemblance to Sid from Ice Age:

Image result19145791_1896829443924713_825558373308408727_n

I MEAANNN….uncanny, right? Also, I think her slender little bendy body just reminds me of Sid the ground sloth in general.

Anyways, at the end of the day, we know this young girl (estimated to be 1.5 years old) has had kennel mates her size, but might do better as an only dog/only animal.  Mostly because she’s a hard no on cats….
Image result for No cats
….and, has a bit of a history with other dogs in the home….(aka her and her ex chihuahua roommate didn’t see eye-to-eye on life). Lola just belongs in the lap of someone that loves her.  She even appears to be house trained….so for those of you who can’t fathom dealing with potty training, this girl is for you!

Lola is at MCAC West and her ID is A3870296. You can adopt this chihuahua/rat terrier today!

Also, I am LOLing that when I searched “Her name was Lola, She was a show girl” on google, this is the first video that popped up….seems like a sign (white dog music video star)….

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