Dakota <3

When I was little, I remember (vividly) that when we would visit my grandparents, my grandma would literally be shouting at my grandpa, and he’d be staring right at her not acknowledging what she was saying.  This would go on for most of the day….and then, someone would eventually realize that he had turned off his hearing aides so that he wouldn’t have to listen to the constant “direction” from my well-meaning grandma.

You may be wondering why I am telling you this?  Well, my dog is a lot like my grandpa….except Reggie (my dog) doesn’t have hearing aides. He hears everything I ask him to do, he just intentionally chooses to do absolutely none of it. I feel like there are a lot of dog owners who can relate to this experience:
Image result for sit dog memeImage result for disobedient dog meme

Annnyyywayysss….the reason I am telling you this is because Dakota will never intentionally ignore you.  So, if you adopt her you can rest assured knowing she is a far nicer, more polite, dog than mine.  The truth is, Dakota really won’t hear you if you are asking her to do something. For those of us who own dogs that just stare at us and then walk away as soon as we say “sit” or “drop it”…we can all attest to wishing there was an actual excuse for our dogs’ deliberate ignoring of requests!

Dakota may be hard of hearing, but guess what…she makes friends like it is her effing job.  Toss that babe into a play group full of sissies and she’ll prance around like the daintiest freaking princess you’ve ever met.  Perhaps you’ve got a more lively bunch, Dakota is down with a little more action.  Girl isn’t afraid of a little physical activity. Honestly, if she were a single human chick, dudes would LOVE her…literally the full package. We were even told that a few dogs have caught on to the fact that Dakota is deaf, and sometimes they pick on her (NO BULLYING ALLOWED)…but you know what? Dakota turns the other cheek and deflects. Can you say P-L-A-Y-G-R-O-U-P rock star??

Dakota is a little puffer munkin, chubber bunny, lover girl!!!! She may have a few extra ADORABLE lbs (she’s not fat, just big boned), but she gets a good case of the zoomies and off she goes, darting across the play yards like the most fit girl you’ve ever seen.

This beautiful pup is estimated to be about THREE years old, she is adoptable through MCAC East and her ID is A3544684. Dakota is sponsored by One Love which means her family will receive FREE post adoption training for her as well as a free microchip (HOLLLLAAAA!! NO MO’ GETTING LOST!).

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