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If you follow us on social media or attended any of our events, chances are you have seen our girl, Annie. Annie is honestly one of the best people we have met since starting Project PAL. She is ALWAYS the first person to volunteer to help at one of our events or to promote a new Pup Tee campaign. She helps with the MCACC Hope Whispers walks AND volunteers with Almost There Foster Care.

On top of all that, Annie is just all around the most wonderful person and is PERMA-Happy. Whenever we see her, she brings a smile to our faces (and the faces of literally everyone around her) and just puts us in a great mood <3. This is Annie, with her two rescue pups, Oreo (small black) and Bingo (semi-small, tri-colored):


Because we love her so much, we of course asked her to participate in our new Style series on the blog. Annie owns her own pilates studio and she swears by wearing Pup Tees during (and after!) her sessions. Annie’s fave part about our tees is that they are comfort combined with stylish cuts and fun sayings! So, whether you are hitting the gym or just pretending to (let’s be honest, we can’t all be as fit or enjoy working out as much as Annie), Pup Tees make the perfect top! Check out what Annie had to say below!

From Annie:

On the go? Working out? Trying to look cute at the same time? Look no further.  My Pup Tees (plural because I have ALL of them…) go with everything!

I own my own Pilates studio and teach all day long…so my daily wear is usually pretty dang comfortable. Thankfully, the Pup Tees are soft and cozy, and go perfectly with leggings and a sports bra.


I get constant compliments on my Pup Tees not only because they have cute sayings but they have flattering cuts for everyday wear. For me, the tanks are the best because I can teach in them all morning and then run out to take spin or yoga classes without having to change :).

I got involved in Project PAL because I wanted to do more in the rescue community. I have two rescue pups of my own, and have worked with a few different organizations around the Valley. I was looking to really get involved and play a bigger role. Thankfully, the crazy world of Social Media led me to the founder of Project PAL. After a coffee date on a Sunday morning, I was in love and ready to help in whatever way possible.

I was born and raised in Phoenix, and am blessed to have a large, loving, and strong community around me. I hope that by working my tush off on building awareness, I will get my hometown to change the fate of so many animals who end up in our county shelters.

‘Show Me the Shelter Puppies’ Tank TopLeggingsSports BraShoesWatchBracelet


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

We are SO grateful that Annie was willing to help us with our Style series!  Since we are always in favor of sharing behind-the-scenes SUPER glamorous outtakes from all-things Pup Tees…we wanted to leave this blog on a high/hilarious note for you:
Yes, that is Annie’s sweet pup, Oreo, taking a DEUCE in the midst of her photo shoot. When you gotta go, you gotta go. We bet Oreo was feeling much lighter for the rest of the shoot hahaha!

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