Becca <3

On Sunday, we stumbled upon this precious little princess pup, Becca. Well, we didn’t technically stumble upon her…One Love Board Member, Emily, had her out and we heard snorting coming down the hall. Then, we heard “COME SEE WHAT I HAVE…it’s a Boston Terrier/Pit Mix!” And then as we peeked out of the doorway we laid eyes on the most amazing creature to ever walk the planet….BECCA!

Immediately it was just overwhelming excitement. Pure joy from the mere sight of her + her wiggly little body just anxious to go ANYWHERE. Look, we even made Emily pick her up to show you her size of about 40 lbs! Thank you, Emily for being such a willing participant!

We pulled out the treats and quickly learned that Becca already knows “sit” and “down” and will perform them eagerly.  The best part was when we tried to get her to “roll over” by making circular motions with a treat in hand.  Her head literally followed the treat in tiny little fast circles. We have video proof of this. It was amazing.

Becca is a young gal, listed at only one year old.  She has a kennelmate (Misha the adorable meathead). She truly exudes happiness and is bursting with positive energy. She just wants to make you happy.

We paid for Becca’s microchip so if you adopt her you get it FO FREE! Guys, come on. A girl THIS cute should have a line out the door for her. So, let’s start the line, first come first serve. Ready, set, go!

She is at MCACC West and her ID is A3918700.

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