Easy-Going Arnie.

This week’s featured dog is sweet, handsome, Arnie. This three-year-old Collie/Cattle Dog mix is so affectionate and sweet that he even weaseled his way in to the One Love PIT BULL Foundation’s Shelter Dog Program (without actually being a pit bull).

Arnie’s eyes are so soulful and although he may be a tad on the shy side upon first impression, given the right incentive (treats) he transforms into the ultimate stage 5 clinger. During playgroups, Arnie loves to herd the other dogs around the play yard…someone needs to give this guy a job! Aside from keeping everyone grouped together in the play yard, Arnie also engages in play, so he is the definition of:
Image result for work hard play hard
This slow-mover is truly easy-going.  One volunteer told us that Arnie was very patient and calm when she had him out for a walk at the Shelter the other day.  Turns out they stumbled upon a group trying to help a dog who had “pancaked” (aka laid down and wouldn’t get up). They used Arnie to help “lead” the other dog.  Arnie handled the job like a pro and totally didn’t mind being a support system for the scared pup!

Arnie is so sweet and affectionate. He is super easy to handle and goes in and out of his kennel willingly.  Also noteworthy, this guy is a slooowww eater.  In general, Arnie seems to be a guy marching to the beat of his own drum.  Not in a hurry to do much….(except herd dogs around the play yard).

Look, Arnie comes with a free microchip, free post-adoption training, and general post-adoption support from a whole group of people who know their shit stuff! So, come on you guys….a guy like Arnie should NOT still be waiting at the shelter for his family. Let’s  all put forth the tiniest bit of effort this week and help this sweet fella find a home!

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