Meet Meg.

Let me first start by saying #Megmakesmehappy — and I will tell you why.  Generally speaking, I just want to be loved by every single dog I meet.  Typically that doesn’t happen for me….it’s as if they can sense my desperation for their affection.  Yes, I’ll admit it. I am a Stage 5 Clinger.

So, allow me to take you back to the day I first met Meg.  Tristan and I had been at the Shelter with One Love Board Member, Emily.  She had pulled a couple of dogs out for us to snap some Pup Tees photos with to promote our shirts (and the dogs) at the same time. When we were putting our last dog away for the day, Emily spotted her fiance, Justin, coming around the corner with her favorite shelter dog….(enter Meg). She turned to me and said, “I am going to go put Ayla away…now you go meet Meg”. For those of you who don’t know Emily…this is probably the bossiest thing she has ever said in her life. So naturally, we turned around to go meet Meg immediately.

Meg seemed pretty unsure of the outside world at the shelter.  She was literally walking in a crouching position prepared to pancake at any moment. However, she was SO happy to be out with her favorite person ever (Justin) so she was torn between pancaking and smothering him with kisses. So she decided to do both. Crouch for 10 seconds, and then jump up and lick Justin’s face for 10 seconds. It was so funny and precious and perfect. We knew right then and there that Meg was special. Fortunately for her, she had Emily and Justin on her team and they generated so much support for her she eventually landed herself a spot in the One Love Shelter Dog Program. When it comes to Meg, Emily is literally at a loss for words because Meg is so perfect. She just wants to scoop Meg up and shower her with love until the end of time.

The One Love team knew Meg needed a break from the Shelter to have a chance to blossom. So they teamed up with Almost There Foster Care to arrange for a little vacation for Meg to the ATFC facility. The ATFC team immediately fell for Meg as well ❤

SO, back to the story about how I’m a Stage 5er — a few weeks ago Meg had a meet & greet/doggie intro with a family who was in love with her. We got there early to get Meg out and love on her a bit so she’d be feeling extra confident and excited about life. That was when it happened.  I left the play yard for a moment and when I came around the corner Meg was looking at me WAGGING HER TAIL. You guys, it was the moment I knew Meg was a dream come true.  She doesn’t give tail wags for just anyone….and there she was wagging her tail away like a little happy, carefree princess. So now, I am personally invested in Meg and need her to find the best home ever because I’m literally having attachment issues. When Meg knows you, it is literally like fireworks when she sees you.  Justin recently visited Meg on her staycation and Meg lit up like the legit Fourth of July. Do you know what that kind of love does for your self-confidence? Ya. You need her.

The family that came to meet her had four young kids…and as soon as Meg saw them walking towards her she was wagging her tail so enthusiastically for them as well (here’s where I started to feel less valued by Meg, but stillllll clinging to her). Turns out, Meg LOVES kids.  See picture below. This family LOVED Meg, but unfortunately….Meg did not love their dog.

You guys, Meg is unreal. She has the goofiest, most adorable spirit of all time. She makes you feel like the most loved person in the world. It is so clear why every volunteer that meets her is obsessed with her. She is the absolute sweetest. The time has come for Meg to find a home of her own. Help us help Meg by sharing her with your friends!  Contact if you are interested in meeting Meg while she is on her staycation from the shelter!

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