Oracle can see the future!

For this week’s PAL we chose Oracle. There’s just something about that cute little black nose that makes you want to boop him so bad!


Im not going to lie, that’s definitely one factor that helped me pick Oracle 😬

This handsome fella is 3 years old, knows how to sit, and takes treats gently. We’ve noticed this adorable guy gets overlooked at the MCACC East Shelter. How you can overlook this face is beyond me!


He doesn’t do too well being in the shelter environment (honestly who would?!) BUT… once you get him outside he’s a completely different pup! He did beautifully on his day foster trip and we found out that he loves a good puppaccino  no whipped cream left behind! ☕️


Oracle also behaves well on a leash and in the car which makes him a great travel companion for hiking or camping! So if you are an active person or love some doggie playing time, Oracle is a great fit for you.

He is non-reactive  towards other dogs but please, if you have another furry friend at home we highly encourage a doggie intro prior to adoption! We just want the transition to be smooth as possible for everyone.


Oh did we mention that Oracle is part of the Shelter Dog Program with One Love?!! That means he goes home with a microchip AND post adoption training… for free! Oracle can see the future.. and his future is in his forever home with you!

Miracle is located at the MCACC East Shelter– 2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201 his ID is A3766403 go and Adopt Oracle today!

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