Yoo Hoo…Cindy Lou Hoo!

Sometimes we feature dogs that have horrible names (cough Moose cough cough). And, sometimes we feature one who has a name we find ourselves singing every time we read it! (YOO HOO, CINDY LOU HOO!) Also, every time I say “Yoo Hoo” I think of:

Image result for yoo who big summer blowout

…which my family and I say around our house on a regular basis. If you haven’t seen Frozen, you need to do so even just for this one part! I have a feeling most of you thought I was going to take the Cindy Lou the Who route with this blog, surrrpprriseee….went for it with the jolly, hairy character instead!

Now that we are all in a good mood, let’s talk about Cindy Lou. This two year old has the most soulful face I have ever seen. Personally, I feel that she would make the perfect dog-actress for future ASPCA commercials, is there somewhere we can submit her for a role? She’ll require a home first, and also, we’ve drafted a list of items she’ll need in her trailer if she is to take the commercial gig. BTW, we know ONE thing that is definitely NOT on her rider (rider = list of items she requires)….CATS.  Cindy Lou is not a fan. And, that’s ok…because she’s born to be a star and stars get what they want.

Cindy Lou is humble. She is a little shy at first, but warms RIGHT up to you. This lady is gentle and sweet. Also noteworthy….Cindy Lou ROCKS on a leash. Walks/Hikes etc with this gal are a dream come true. Cindy Lou loves treats, but most of all….she just wants a spot on your lap.

Since Cindy Lou can be a little insecure around new pups, a dog intro is definitely a must! But, she’d also be stoked to have a home and family to herself…girl does not mind the attention. (Obviously. Because again, she is born to be a star).

This adorable angel is sponsored under the One Love Shelter Dog Program, this means her new family will receive post-adoption training AND a microchip!

Interested in Cindy Lou? She is being cared for by MCACC East on Rio Salado and the 101.  Her ID is A3845302.

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