Simone, born to be a star.

Every once in a while, a dog emerges from within the shelter walls for her walk and instantly steals the hearts of everyone who lays eyes on her.  This is exactly what happened on Saturday at the #walkforhades at MCACC.

One Love volunteer, Emily, spotted Simone and her adorable pout face while we were setting up for the walk. She knew she had to pull Simone as one of the dogs she walked that morning. Boy, are we glad she did.  This girl is a full on ham. JUST LOOK:

Simone may be a smaller package, but her personality is BIG. We are honestly feeling a little jealous of whoever ends up adopting Simone.  Why? Because Simone is a natural entertainer. Her face itself just screams “look at me”…16179100_10212069167787169_2029817488763115601_o-1

But also, she literally actually screams “look at me” on her own, with her unique voice. Let us explain….The other day she was out in the play yard with three volunteers, just hamming it up, being as charming as K9-ly possible. Two of the volunteers left the play yard and one stayed behind with Simone.  This was apparently not acceptable for Simone and she proceeded to call out after them with the most ridiculously absurd/cute noise you will ever hear.  It is truly impossible NOT to laugh when you hear this noise.  I imagine the two volunteers felt obligated to promptly turned around and rejoin Simone in the play yard.

Here’s the thing, at the walk on Saturday, after Simone went back to her kennel….she sat in the outside portion staring at us calling for us using that same chatter. That was the moment every volunteer present fell in love. Simone was truly born to be a star.

We also know that Simone LOVES treats….(pictured here taking ALL the treats in exchange for kind of looking in the direction of the camera twice).

Simone is full of affection, and after she has a moment to adjust to a change in surroundings she will shower you with love. Here, you see Simone bum-rushing the treat station, dragging Emily behind her….

Also, your eyes are not deceiving you…Simone has a shortened tail. The tail adds even more character to her (as if this bug-eyed, mean-mugging, snorting, talking, bossy little lady needs more character). Anyways, you are looking at a fan-favorite here so if you are interested in meeting Simone, head over to MCACC EAST and meet her. We have a feeling she isn’t going to let you leave the play yard without her!! Her ID is A3871082. If you have a pup at home, bring him/her in to meet Simone to make sure everyone gets along prior to adoption.

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