My Boy Bane.

We polled the One Love audience this week for dog nominations…and the winner is…..BANE!
Image result for and the winner is meme
This meme is basically irrelevant, but every time I think about announcing a winner I think of Steve Harvey and cringe!

Anyways, Bane is a spry young guy (only ONE year old). He is just a big fella who would absolutely thrive in a family where he gets to go out for walks, runs, and hikes.  Need some extra motivation to stick to your 2017 resolutions? If this is you:
Image result for trainer motivation meme
Bane could be the perfect addition to your exercise regimen! Plus, he’s is the eternal optimist and is super excited about life:

Image result for excited about life meme

The good news is, Bane is incredibly eager to learn and is very treat/food motivated…meaning #willworkforfood. He attend the One Love shelter dog training last weekend and was easily corrected using treats.

This guy will need lots of toys, because he loves tennis balls and if he could….I think he would do this:

Image result for dog with tennis balls gif
But also….is this even possible?

Anyways, when scanning through photos of him he literally had a ball/toy in his mouth in every single picture and looked so dang happy to have his choice of toys/balls in the play yard to pick up and run around with while being photographed. Maybe he’s a dog fitness model?

Bane has been around kiddos, but would probably be best-suited for a family with older kids just because he’s a big pup and when he plays he is kind of like a bulldozer. CONFESSION: One time, my dog Reggie was playing in the front yard with my stepdaughter and all the neighborhood kids and they all started running, so Reggie did too…and he totally plowed down a 3 year old in the grass. It’s fine, everyone came out unharmed, but TOTALLY understand the “big kids” recommendation first hand haha!

Also, Bane has had kennel mates, so he has shown to be OK with other dogs, but as always we definitely highly recommend a dog intro to ensure a perfect fit for the family :).

Interested in Bane? Don’t be shy…let us know! He is at MCACC WEST and his ID is A3724042.

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