Obsessed with Marvel and proud.

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First and foremost, how fun is it that I just found this cool heading ^ with our dog of the week’s NAME? This week’s featured pup is the epitome of a people-pleaser, and he is ready and (more) than willing to be the dog of your dreams.  Say hello to Marvel:

Marvel is two years old and has been at MCACC West for a few months now.  When our friends at One Love stumbled upon Marvel it was abundantly clear that he had LOTS of energy to burn and just really needed a chance to get out of his kennel and stretch his legs.

Now that he is sponsored under the Shelter Dog Program, Marvel is receiving shelter enrichment from dedicated volunteers.  In just the first two weeks of being sponsored, Marvel got to go on a hike, a training class, regular walks/runs, and has been consistently working on his basic commands.

In this short time, Marvel has made huge improvements and is already showing everyone following his journey how valuable shelter enrichment really is.  Marvel inherently has great qualities that would make him a nice fit for an active family. He is dog-friendly (a dog-intro prior to adoption is always recommended). Marvel gets along great with his current kennelmate. Also, this pup is TREAT-motivated so he…
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The best news of all is that since Marvel is sponsored under the One Love Shelter Dog Program, his new family will be able to take advantage of FREE post-adoption training. This means, they will get to go with Marvel to training to help him continue on the journey to being the best dog he can be! And, we’ll let you in on a little secret, the trainer that One Love has on-board for these classes is A-mazing and having access to this tool FOR FREE is seriously incredible.
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SO, if you are thinking about adopting a dog and you are a little hesitant, why not select a dog like Marvel who comes with the necessary post-adoption support to help you have a successful process?  He is at MCACC West, and his ID is A3822044. Go meet him today. You won’t regret it.  And also I found this so I am going to just leave it right here no I don’t care that this seems to be about a superhero and not Marvel the dog:

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