First and foremost, let’s go ahead and address the elephant Moose in the room…Moose’s name…………
Image result for umm no meme
I’m really not sure what to say with regard to her name other than, I sincerely hope whoever adopts her changes it immediately. Ok, now that we all agree the name selection for this sweet pup wasn’t on par, we can move on to more important topics.

Topics such as…THIS:

You guys, HELP. I love her so much. Her perma-sad face literally has me just swooning over here. I can’t take it. Speaking from experience….dog’s with faces as tender as Moose’s melt your heart every single day. Literally, my dog has the saddest eyes of all time and even though he is kind of an entitled prick, who walks away if I try to pet him, I STILL feel like he is the most innocent/precious creature on earth.  I am telling you, if you adopt Moose, you will come home from work and be SO dang happy to just sit down on the couch with this pup and pet her, and love her, and snuggle her.

Moose is TWO years old. She walks well on a leash (again, never undervalue this trait….also speaking from experience….(my other dog Hayley is legit a maniac as soon as we put her leash on.) Trust me when I tell you, having a dog that just leisurely walks on a leash is a gift from God.  So, by transitive property (transitive property definition is “if A=B and B=C then A=C”) Moose is a GIFT FROM GOD. Let me explain. If a gift from God (A) = walking on a leash well (B), and walking on a leash well (B) = MOOSE (C),  then GIFT FROM GOD (A) = MOOSE! (C). Should I have been a math teacher? Probably.  JK this is literally the only thing I retained from decades of math.

Anyways, Moose is also as soft as expensive velvet. So petting her will be addicting fo sho. This lush will curl right up in a tight little ball IN your lap if you sit down on the ground with her. And, one of the biggest selling points for me about Moose, she randomly snorts.  I NEED HER. Why am I already at capacity with dogs in my extremely small home?  You guysssss….a snorting dog is a dream come true.  I cannot tell you how much dog-snorts speak straight to my heart.  I am having a mild meltdown over here…I love that trait so much.

Moose already knows sit, she is eager to please (not entitled) so she will be super easy to train.  She has had multiple kennel mates and has done well with them…PROOF:
Sorry for the behind bars pic….cue the Sarah McLachlan music:
Image result for sarah mclachlan angel meme

Moose has also seen kiddos passing while out at the Shelter and she has just simply given a nice tail wag.  She takes treats gently (training my dog to do this now, so Moose is miles ahead of Hayley) and let me just bring it full circle by saying HER EYES PEER STRAIGHT INTO MY SOUL. This is Moose’s week. Who’s going to adopt her? Let’s do this. She is at MCACC West and her ID is A3850053. #CHANGEMOOSESNAMEFOREVER

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