You better shape up, cause Sandy needs a man (or woman) and her heart is set on you!

As soon as Nikki selected Sandy as her pick for this week, I found myself googling Grease memes. I feel like if there was a dog version of Grease, Sandy (the dog) would 100% be cast as Sandy (the Olivia Newton John character).  Why? Because she is so dang sweet and innocent and I can just imagine her friends and past kennelmates preparing for each day at the Shelter like:
Image result for sandy character quotes grease

So why is it that a girl as sweet, cuddly, wiggly, happy and all-around wonderful as Sandy is still looking for her forever home? WELL, I think Frenchy says it best:
Image result for sandy character quotes grease

And, well since our Sandy has no idea who her biological dad is….she’s just waiting at the Shelter for a new family to adopt her so she can finally depend on someone!

Now that you know that Sandy is pretty much perfect…I know you are thinking:
Image result for sandy character quotes grease

Well, your wish is my command.  This gal is estimated to be about five years old.  She rides great in the car, enjoys the company of other dogs around her size (she has had multiple kennelmates), is happy-go-lucky, and will literally smoosh her face into your lap if you are offering rubs of any kind.  Sandy just eats up any attention you are willing to give her and wants to be as close as possible. This cute little lady has done really well out in public and is going to make some lucky family VERY happy.

So, in conclusion….Sandy is ready to go home you guys.  She is a longtimer at MCACC West and her adoption fee is $20. This pup truly does deserve a WONDERFUL home so…
Image result for grease sandy you're the one that i want

Head over to MCACC West today and adopt Sandy. Her ID is A3824235.

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