Trick-or-treat, with Reese(‘s Peanut Butter Cups)

It happened again.  A Shelter Dog stole my ❤ .  Because this pup is so sweet, it is perfectly fitting that he is named after candy, meet five-year-old Reese.


Reese is a quiet, mellow, snuggly guy who is typically curled up in his kennel as potential adopters pass by the rows and rows of kennels filled with adoptable dogs.  Maybe this is why he hasn’t grabbed the attention of the perfect family. Upon first meeting Reese, many people mistake Reese for being shy….but he isn’t. He is just perfectly polite. A truly kind-hearted, loving, affectionate, gentleman.

Reese is the kind of dog you want to come home to after a long day at work.  This guy will crawl right into your lap and soothe away all your worries. Want to feel loved and adored? Adopt Reese.  Not to mention, he is also a much healthier anti-stress tool than my usual go-to options (wine, binge watching the RHOBH, eating a whole box of goldfish–the big, family sized box, not the small one etc).

This mellow fellow is not just quiet and calm all the time.  Reese is a well-rounded dog…and given the opportune moment, he’ll get going and showcase his more active side! Favorite hobbies (aside from showering his people with love & smooches): playing with toys, playing chase around the yard, going for walks **GREAT loose-leash walker alert**. FYI: this is actually a MAJOR selling point.  Dogs with leash manners are dreams come true. So, by transitive property, REESE is a dream come true.

So, even though it’s clear that Reese may have had a rough past-life, those memories have not impacted his love for people. ALSO, Reese has done well with meeting other dogs, so if you have a dog at home already…bring your pup in to meet Reese. We know you’ll be swooning over this hunk just like we are.

Reese recently enjoyed a day out of the shelter to attend training (sponsored by One Love). The volunteer that had him out for the day just RAVED about him saying Reese is the kind of dog you can take anywhere. While they were strolling around the Biltmore Fashion Park (he’s fancy BTW)…a family stopped to enjoy his company. Reese literally just laid there while they all obsessed over him. As the family got in their dog-fix by petting him, Reese was so relaxed he literally went to sleep, on the sidewalk, right outside of the Lululemon store (seems KIND of coincidental since the volunteer who had Reese out is a single guy, and Lululemon is usually filled with cute girls). We live in such a dog-friendly world these days, and since Reese has those impeccable manners, we feel he’d be the perfect companion or wing man….

Reese is FIVE years old and is at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control East and is part of the One Love Pit Bull Foundation Shelter Dog Program. THIS MEANS they will provide his adopters with free post-adoption training and cover the cost of his microchip. His ID # is A3825992 and the address for the shelter is 2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa, AZ 85201. Let’s have a successful week and find Reese the PERFECT home (one in which his new owners will post and/or text me picture updates on him daily frequently).

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