Calie…more to love.

What I love most about Calie is not that she is good with other dogs (because she is).  It’s also not that she already knows “sit” (because she does).  It’s not that she’s pretty good on her leash and would even be a good jogging partner (because let’s be honest, I’m not trying to jog any time soon *but if I was, Calie would be IN).

My favorite thing about Calie, is that she’s just like the rest of us girls out there in our late 20s/early 30s/late 30s/early 40s/late 40s….you get where I’m going with this. And actually now that I have typed this I realize maybe I shouldn’t be speaking for all girls from age 20-50 for those of you who workout daily and eat to live not live to eat- you go girls! Your bikini pics are WAY better than mine. BUT anyways, what I am trying to say is Calie likes her treats & well, she isn’t missing any meals. Girl is not a fitness queen, she’s not interested in sticking with chicken + broccoli for six meals a day, and you know what…she really embraces her curves. Something I feel a lot of us could learn from Calie! No body shaming allowed in Calie’s presence!

This girl (who is about 5 years old) is bursting with personality….she’s got the cutest tuck-n-run of ALL time. Calie does GREAT with other dogs, she even came in with a buddy (who has already been adopted). So, if you have a pup at home, bring him/her in to meet Calie to ensure everyone gets along prior to adopting.  You guys, trust us, just go meet Calie. This adorable pup has a whole community swooning. She is playful, but not hyper…and is more than ready to go home.  She is at MCACC East and her ID is A3698216.

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