Hialem, hard to pronounce, easy to love.

I was reading some of the notes and comments on Hialem and I am sitting here baffled that she has not been adopted yet. How is it possible that a dog this cute, calm, gentle, and friendly is still available at MCACC west?  The only thing I can think of is that maybe we are all pronouncing her name wrong and therefore, when ALL of the potential adopters are asking about her maybe the shelter doesn’t know which dog? IDK but guys, that is the only plausible reason I can come up with because she is literally perfect and there should be a line out the door to meet her. Also, I am trying to make myself feel better that I might be the only person struggling with pronunciation here….

Last Saturday, Hialem had a day foster outing with two of the One Love volunteers. From start to finish they were just RAVING about their experience with her. They took her out to the local farmers market and said she was calm and comfortable in the busy environment.  SO, if you are hoping to adopt a dog that you can take to a restaurant and sit on the patio…HIALEM could be the pup for you!

During her outing at the pet store, she gave ZERO cares about a cat lurking nearby…proof in the picture below thanks to Emily & Justin with One Love.

One of the most endearing and precious characteristics of Hialem is her “awkward” face look:

Hialem is listed as dog friendly, kid friendly, easy to walk on a leash, well-mannered in the house, comfortable in public settings, good car-rider, and a great breed ambassador. She is a spry 7 years old.  Which, if you ask me is really the best age.  So, the time has come for Hialem to find her forever home and we need your help to do it.  She is at MCACC west and her ID is A3764121. Ready, set, ADOPT.

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