Endless wags with Petey

This past Sunday, at the Hope Whispers walk at MCACC East Shelter, Nina, Justin, and I fell in love with an “unnamed” two-year-old guy.  So, naturally the three of us stood there with our dogs, one unnamed, and tossed around name after name to find one that fit this young fella. After much deliberation, we decided on….Petey.

After meeting Petey you would honestly be baffled that he is sitting in a kennel at 2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy in Mesa just hoping for a loving home.

Typically, when we walk the dogs, we can get three different dogs per person walked, bathed etc. Justin, however, clearly fell in love with this guy because he spent an hour and a half with just Petey. Can’t say we blame him, being around this pup makes your heart smile.  His tail literally never stops wagging….ever and we have video proof. He is perma-happy and we are hoping whatever makes him so jolly is contagious so we can get some of that going in our lives.

While we were having our name-brainstorming session, Petey stood patiently wagging his tail and wiggling his bum as he looked at the other dog we were walking. His body language was pretty much the same the entire time, relaxed with tail wagging.

Justin told us that Petey was so friendly to everyone and he would hop around with his ears flopping all over the place. And then, randomly he would plop down and lay in a frog position.

Nina and I could not stop talking about how cute this dog is. So last night, when I got a text from her about the dog she is picking to promote this week and it said “I think I have to go with Petey” I knew there was really no other option for Week 22. With his goofy disposition, adorable face, floppy ears, and constantly wagging tail….we feel like Petey is the perfect Week 22 choice!

If you’d like to meet Petey his ID is A3766254 and he is at the MCACC East Shelter. Help us spread the word this week and get this fun guy a LOVING family of his own.

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