Hop on the Sparkle Train!

Every time I open up my Facebook page, I see Sparkle’s cute face.  It seems like every volunteer, advocate, rescue group etc is on Team Sparkle…..so, since we at Project PAL have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) we decided it’s our turn to jump on the Sparkle Train. Plus, it’s Tristan’s week and if we know anything about Tristan it’s that she has a dog type and that is brown and white short -haired dogs… Week 21 will be dedicated to doing all we can to help Sparkle find the perfect home.

Here’s what we know about Sparkle:
1. TWO years old.
2. Bursting at the seams with playful energy
3. ❤ Loves her people ❤
4. Would do best with older kiddos or an adult-only home (girl has got hops!!)
5. Needs to be an only dog.
6. Longest West Valley shelter resident– she’s been there FOUR months. 😦
7. Goofy personality
8.Loves hikes, walks, runs (aka she will help you get your Bikini Bod)
9. Located at 2500 S. 27th Avenue
10. ID A3717886

Thanks to our friends at One Love Pit Bull Foundation, Sparkle comes equipped with six FREE post-adoption training sessions. Also, as a side note– One Love does their own evaluation of the dogs they add to their Shelter Dog Program.  So they have spent plenty of time with Sparkle (pics below). They tell us she is sweet as pie and well, we believe them….you would too if you met their team. They literally know all things dog-related.

So instead of boring you by going on and on about why you should give this gal a chance which we ALL know I am a pro at I decided to let these pictures of Sparkle speak for themselves. The below photos are courtesy of TR Young Photography with One Love:

And these are some of the photos from the other volunteers & advocates rooting for this girl to find the PERFECT home:

OK…now, after seeing all these cute pics, it is your turn to hop on the Sparkle Train and help us by sharing her face with your friends and family!

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