128 days for Lena.

So much has happened since my last week to pick a pup. Four of our six Project Pals who were still waiting for homes, were adopted. Nelson went home with one of our instagram followers, Rocko and Munch went home this past weekend when MCACC was offering waived adoption fees, and Cammy was adopted by a family that really understands her needs. ALL SUCH VICTORIES!!

Yesterday, I received a message from Tristan asking who I had picked for Week 20.  I panicked.  Many of the dogs I had been following through social media had found homes (WOOO!), so for the first time, I didn’t already have one in mind.  And then, I remembered Lena from the last Hope Whispers Walk in April.

My parents have been helping walk the dogs at MCACC with Hope Whispers each month and for those of you who don’t know….my mom is like the ultimate volunteer. I swear every time she got a new dog out from the kennel she’d be HUSTLING in my direction to have me take their picture and to tell me why the dog is so great and why he/she is going to get adopted that day “KIM, ANDERSON (Cooper) KNOWS ‘SIT’ ALREADY.”

But, at the last walk, my mom fell in love with a calm, gentle four year old gal named Lena. During the walk, my phone kept ringing and it was my mom every time. “KIM, where are you? You have to meet Lena. She’s so cute. Kim, why is she still here? I don’t understand why no one has picked her? Kim, I think we need to adopt her. Should I ask dad? But, I need you to be on-board if I’m going to try to convince your dad? Where are you? Can you come to where I am and meet Lena?” This conversation happened literally like five times. For the record, I am always happy to meet a sweet dog, but she kept calling me while I was sitting in the play yard with Red, swooning over him and trying to figure out how to convince Justin that we needed to adopt him.

When I finally saw my mom, she was standing with this adorable, small-medium size dog who was just calmly and patiently standing next to her. The moment Madonna (my mom) saw me she started power walking my direction, and precious Lena just calmly trotted behind her. My mom was right, Lena is a great dog. She is so cute, and I think my favorite part is that Lena never seems to be in a rush. Just mild-mannered really.

I looked her up to see what the MCACC volunteers had been saying about her and it all seemed to match up to what we experienced. She is a little shy at first, but very loving and sweet. This girl is absolutely beautiful with a little sharpei mix in her. On a recent day-foster outing it was noted that Lena rode quietly in the car, looking out the window and napping intermittently. They took her to a restaurant and she sat quietly on the patio looking around, but staying close.  Lena enjoyed napping on soft dog beds and catching up on much-needed rest.

Somehow, Lena has been at the shelter since January. They say she looks a little nutty in the kennel so that might be why (can’t blame her…after four months in that tiny space she is simply begging to get out). So, week 20 is for LENA (and my mom, who is Lena’s biggest advocate). Today marks 128 days for Lena at the shelter, and if you’ve been there, you know that space is very small. Help us get Lena into her loving, forever home THIS week.

You can visit her at MCACC East Shelter 2630 W. Rio Salado Pkwy in Mesa. Her ID is A3711967.

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2 thoughts on “128 days for Lena.

  1. I met her this morning…. went back to adopt her this afternoon and she was already adopted!!! I’m glad to hear she’s going a home, I’m just sad she’s not coming home with ME!


    1. Marissa, we cannot believe she had been waiting 129 days for a family. Within one day of promoting her she had three people go meet her–two of which (you and another couple) were planning to go back to adopt her before she got scooped up by the third meet and greet! My mom knew Lena was special the moment she got her out of the kennel for a walk and we agree. We are also SO happy she found a forever home with one of our Project Pal Instagram followers! My mom told me today she’s also sad she didn’t get Lena for herself. Please keep an eye on our upcoming featured dogs each week–perhaps you’ll see another one you love!! Thanks for your support!!


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