“PICK ME….PICK ME!”– Colton

Speaking from personal observations, when walking through the A wing at MCACC east shelter (because I’m a creature of habit and somehow always end up in that wing to get my dogs to walk) there are three kinds of dogs.

Type 1 is the scared, confused, defeated type just cowering in the kennel hoping no one notices them or makes them move because they are terrified of what happens next. That is, until they get out of the kennel and then typically they perk right up at the taste of sweet freedom!

Type 2 is the calm, quiet, patient dog who sits nicely waiting for his/her turn for a walk, meet & greet, or outing of any kind whatsoever.

Type 3 are the dogs that make a shelter a little overwhelming…and that is the “PICK ME” type.  These dogs are the ones literally jumping around barking and essentially doing flips in their kennels because they want you to notice them SO badly.  I’m not kidding, I have actually seen dogs pulling out every ounce of athleticism they have to get notice all while SHOUTING “Pick Me!”….which leads to that environment of overstimulating barking and humans trying not to make eye contact because you want to take them all. Because they are ALL begging you LOUDLY to pick them!

The above-descriptions lead me to our week 18 Project Pal, Colton.  Colton is Type 3, which might be why he is still at the shelter. When people walk by his kennel, Colton barks his A off…..kind of a turn off for potential adopters. BUT, let’s be honest…if I was a dog in a kennel I can guarantee I’d be the same. Survival of the fittest, get yourself noticed–seems logical, right? Wrong. We, as potential adopters, seem to be drawn to the second type and might even subconsciously avoid the other two types.

So, Nikki has selected to advocate on behalf of Colton this week. We are urging you to go to MCACC East Shelter, get Colton A3732111 out of his kennel and into the play yard or out for a walk to see who he REALLY is. This guy is very well-behaved. He is happy to have his leash put on, he walks well, and is attentive to his handler for guidance.

Colton is VERY friendly, and he actively tries to get attention from people.  Give him a chance to warm up to you when you first meet him.  He is such a happy, pleasant fella outside of his kennel.  So, let’s #freeColton this week and give those Type 3 dogs a little love <3.

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