Maximo’s turn.

Maximo stole our hearts during Week 6 and we just knew it was only a matter of time before some lucky soul realized how amazing he is and scooped him up.

After we heard Lizette went home, we took the opportunity to use Sunday to blast a couple of adorable pictures of Maximo across our social media platforms. People seem to LOVE posts on Maximo, he is just such a good looking pup, and it looks like he’s always smiling.  There were comments and shares for him immediately and it felt like the momentum from Lizette’s success story had transferred right on over to Maximo.

Then, late Sunday afternoon, something wonderful happened. I received a text from one of the volunteers letting me know she had just heard that Maximo was adopted. On Sunday, it was his turn.

So here we are, about to start Week 9 of Project Pal…feeling so grateful for the growing support and for the people who share our Pals each week. Maximo & Lizette being adopted this past weekend are true testaments to the power of networking shelter dogs to our community.

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