Dreams came true for Lizette.

On Friday, our Project Pal group was texting back and forth regarding Lizette.  It seemed like we had so much momentum going on her, and since we dedicated a second week to promoting her, we really wanted to translate that momentum into her finding her a forever home.

Multiple organizations were posting about Lizette, people were commenting on her posts, some followers were even sending messages to offer to buy her things, or even to give financial support to keep her promotion going another week. We were so excited when we received a message from one of the MCACC volunteers who took Lizette under her wing the past 8 months….Lizette had been chosen as Pet of the Week and was going to be on 12 news on Saturday morning! (Check out the photos of her hamming it up. She really worked the camera).  So, we posted like crazy all of the exciting stuff that was going on and prayed that her forever family was out there and seeing our posts.

On Saturday afternoon, I got a call from the special volunteer (mentioned above).  Lizette had found her family.  They had seen her on Facebook and drove all the way up from FLORENCE to get her.  The volunteer fell in love with the family and knew they were the perfect fit for Lizette. There were tears of joy shed (a lot of them, by a lot of people) as the sweet long-timer headed out of the shelter forever. It was a match made in heaven. And after 8 months of shelter life, Lizette finally went home.

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