Don’t rain on Lizette’s parade.

Today, the four of us have decided that it is Lizette’s turn to go home. And here’s why…

Lizette is not about to let you feel bad for her because of her lengthy stay at MCACC’s East Valley Shelter. Nope. Not happening. Even though she has been there since August, (ugh. someone go adopt her….NOW) Lizette chooses to celebrate the small victories she gets….like day foster outings.  I think we should all take a page out of Lizette’s playbook when it comes to appreciating the simple things in life.

Sweet Lizette has been on many day foster outings and just recently it was confirmed (again) that you can’t bring her down.  She has maintained a sweet and playful demeanor despite all of the humans who have passed her up. Lizette has a much better attitude than me, I get rejected once and I’m probably going to be in bed binge watching RHOBH for a few days to recover. Here’s the deal you guys, Lizette is super smart and is responsive and eager to learn from her caretakers.  She is treat-motivated ditto when it comes to training and keeping her focused. Lizette already knows “sit” and “lay down” that’s literally the full extent of my dog’s trick repertoire and he went to three levels of obedience training. 

While she was cruising around Tempe Town Lake we were told this adorable girl was eager to give a friendly greeting to fellow walkers, both human & K9. She didn’t bark or jump. I know a few dogs who could take a few leash-manner lessons from Lizette cough Tristan’s dog, Reagan cough cough. Since Lizette has been in the shelter for so long, she has a lot of pent up energy. It’s her turn to go home and have some room to roam around to burn that energy off. Her favorite day foster told us that once she is away from the kennel she is very calm.

This perfect pup even puts up with the inconvenience of bath time for the mere fact that she enjoys the attention of being toweled off. If that doesn’t warm your heart, you’re an ice queen/kinI don’t know what will.

Bottom line: Lizette just wants to be loved. She’s not asking for the biggest/fanciest home ever although I’m sure she wouldn’t complain if that’s what she got 😉 . She merely wants a home and family to love. Lizette is going to need some time to decompress and get acclimated to life outside of the shelter, so we are hoping she can be an only fur-child for a bit.

SO, let’s all put forth the slightest effort and share Lizette to our friends and family. It only takes ONE person to change Lizette’s life forever.


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