Marnie the monogamist.

I’m going to let you in on a secret to surviving the work day–you just need to spend 15-20 minutes per day browsing “adoptable dogs” on various rescue sites. Suddenly, you will find yourself with a renewed sense of motivation to work hard and become a millionaire billionaire. That way, you can adopt every homeless dog and literally employ thousands of people to love each dog, pay people to let the dogs snuggle in bed with them, and give them the best life ever. I know, it’s crazy that we all share the same dream of what we would do if we became billionaires.

The above scenario (browsing “adoptable dogs” during work) is how I stumbled across Marnie’s sweet face a few months ago. It was love at first site.  I actually thought I might be able to convince my fiance that we should add her to our family but he said we need a bigger house and bed because we are currently at capacity. ANYWAYS, when my turn came around to pick our week 5 Project Pal, I remembered Marnie’s face and was SO sad to see that she is still listed as available and searching for her forever family.

The silver lining is she is with a wonderful lady, Denise with AZ Small Dog Rescue, who is taking care of Marnie while she waits for her turn to stake claim to a person/family for life. Denise tells us that Marnie is a GREAT dog.  She loves her person with every fiber of her being (monogamist). She is a complete love bug and a superb snuggler which as you will recall from a previous post is my dream come true holding your 50 lb dog down to snuggle him just isn’t the same as voluntary snuggling. Marnie literally prefers to sleep under the covers, as close to you as possible…..COME ON you guys, does it get any better? NO. If I’m lucky my dog will maybe put his paw on my leg….maybe.

Marnie is always up for a car ride, can you say co-pilot? Everyone needs a Pal to country cruise with and Marnie won’t even complain about your song choice, which is a highly underrated quality. This precious pup also loves walks and does great at dog parks. If you are single then just as an FYI I literally have friends who have met their soulmates (human) at dog parks. And, Marnie won’t mind being your winggirl.

Here’s the bottom line, Marnie’s ideal match is just someone who will love her and embrace her desire to be near them all the time. THIS DOG IS AFTER MY <3. Marnie likes other dogs, but her foster mom says she’ll need a meet & greet.  Marnie doesn’t like to share her food with her fur brothers/sisters it’s ok Marnie, I don’t like to share my food either.

Denise, Marnie’s foster mom, loves her so much and is so excited to hand pick Marnie’s forever home.  If you are interested in Marnie (which I fully expect all of our friends to be) please contact Denise directly 623-451-8071.  As always, Project Pal made a donation to AZ Small Dog Rescue on Marnie’s behalf so she comes with good karma on her side!



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