Forever for Marnie started Saturday.

When we contacted Marnie’s foster mom to see if we could feature her as our week 5 Project Pal, her foster mom told us she had been laying with Marnie that morning lamenting how long she had had her.  Marnie arrived at her foster mom’s house in September with her five babies, all of whom were adopted by the end of October.  Marnie, however, was still in foster care in February. Her foster mom was so excited and helpful with providing information about Marnie, and the person who would be the best fit to care for her.

We spent all last week spreading the word about Marnie and what an adorable, perfect partner-in-crime she would be for someone. On Saturday, Marnie’s foster mom sent us a message informing us that Marnie had a meet-and-greet that day and had TWO back ups if the first person didn’t end up being a good fit. Later in the day on Saturday, we followed up to see how the meeting had gone…..and the response was that Marnie’s adoption contract had been dropped off at the shelter, and she was officially adopted!!

Marnie’s new mom had seen her on our Instagram and knew she had to have her.  The best part is, her foster mom told us Marnie’s new owner is EXACTLY the person she envisioned for her sweet foster dog.

So, as we write this wrap-post we reflect once more on the reason we started this project at the beginning of the year. Finding these sweet, innocent souls families who will cherish them forever really is the best feeling ever.

Marnie we ❤ you and we are so thrilled that someone felt the same way as we do and picked you for their pal too.


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