That’s MISS Wigglebottom to YOU!

Alright, alright, alright… this week we have a special PAL for you readers! Meet Charlotte Wigglebottom!!!


Now, I know you want to adopt her based on her name alone, but we will tell you more about her anyways just to seal the deal ;).

First off, Charlotte is a 3-year old Staffordshire Terrier mix. And she is a HAPPY Staffordshire Terrier mix at that! Miss Wigglebottom LOVES people. She is always happy, always wiggly, and always wants to snuggle. Oh, I almost forgot… Charlotte is a snorter when she is excited. CAN YOU SAY SWOON?! Seriously… a wiggly snorter? #GOALS


She LOVES to play fetch and she even brings it back to you so you could say she is a genius! She also loves to play with toys in the pool (The verdict is still out on whether or not she will play Mermaids with you in the pool but we will keep you posted!) so she obviously makes the perfect pool pal.


Charlotte loves to play with her kennel mate and gets along well with other dogs. A doggy intro is always recommended, of course as this girl can be pretty enthusiastic. She knows “Sit” as long as you have a treat (priorities people). Charlotte is spayed and up to date on her shots. Charlotte has a condition called ectropion that requires surgery. But, thanks to the Two Pups Fund, her surgery is covered. However, she needs to be in a home before the surgery can move forward. You can email for more questions regarding this condition.

charlotte 4

If you are interested in Charlotte Wigglebottom (and who wouldn’t be?!) you can meet her at MCACC West (2500 S. 27th Avenue, Phoenix,  AZ 85009. Her ID is A3940492. Charlotte has a zest for life and her energy and joy are simply contagious :). We just heart her so much!!

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