the SCARLET letter <3

So maybe when you read the title of this blog, you thought we were going to be writing about an adulterous woman, sporting an A on her dress…well, sorry to disappoint. This blog is all about a 40 lb shy little lady who makes our hearts burst with love, Scarlet ❤


Scarlet is a bit of a scaredy cat dog. But, given just a moment and a little reassurance, she opens right up! Scarlet is super gentle, and walks so well on a leash.  She went out on a day foster outing last weekend with One Love volunteer, Erin, and Erin’s kiddos….and well, just look at this picture:
Scarlett sat right in her assigned spot, just another casual member of the family…this picture just makes our hearts happy as can be. She fits in so well, right? (Unrelated, but….my parents totally had a minivan when I was growing up, and my two older brothers got to sit in the bucket seats, and I had to sit in the very back. I always felt deprived of the opportunity to sit in the bucket seats. So, they would tell me I was lucky to have the back so I could stretch out, sleep, or play.  Turns out, I never shut up, so they put me in the far back so they couldn’t hear me.) ANYWAYS, Scarlet is a great little car rider! Apparently she showed no interest in cats or critters at Petsmart, and was really excited to see other pups.

What we love most about Scarlet is that she wasn’t TRYING to get noticed by our friends at One Love….in fact, she was trying to go unnoticed. She’s like the SUPER hot girl that doesn’t know she’s pretty. The family that lands Scarlet is going to be so effing lucky!!!! Got to snag her before she knows she’s a 10!

Scarlet is at MCAC West and her ID is A3833005.  She is good with other dogs, good with kiddos, and sponsored by our friends at One Love — which means she comes with FREE post-adoption training, and a FREE microchip. ❤

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