Definition of fit = Dana

This week’s Style Series features Dana. Dana is the definition of FIT and she kind of makes us regret all of the hot dogs we ate on the 4th of July LOL, but that isn’t the point here! Dana is a shelter dog advocate and is dedicated to so much. She has a kick butt family life, an awesome career, she travels, volunteers, works out and pretty much lives the dream!!!

One thing we love about Dana is that this girl ROCKS her Pup Tees. I mean, Dana could wear a paper sack and make it look good, but wait until you see her in her Pup Tee apparel.  ALSO, these photos are AMAZING.  Her husband, Michael, is a kick A** photog and we are swooning over all of these pictures.  We are so grateful to Dana for supporting not only Pup Tees, but many rescue organizations throughout the Valley <3.

Hi! I’m Dana, originally from New Mexico, living in Arizona since 2000. While I miss the roasted Hatch green chilies, Arizona is home. I am married (almost 7 years!) and a mom to an almost 14-year old boy, and 2 amazing pit bulls…I would have more if my husband would let me lol!  I currently work in the mortgage industry but am still trying to figure out a way to be able to “retire” and spend my time working with animals in need, and hitting the gym! If you can make that happen let me know! :).

I styled the Show Me The Shelter Puppies tank top with my work out gear, because, well, Pup Tees are a staple in my exercise attire! Here I am wearing lululemon speed shorts (if you haven’t tried them, you need to ASAP). They are great for running, lifting, hiking, etc. I am also wearing my favorite tennies– my Reebok CrossFit Nanos. One of my favorite accessories is my QALO silicone wedding rings, which were designed for flexibility and style, they are perfect to wear when you are sweating, volunteering, or just getting dirty in general. Of course, I have my hydroflask because, well, we live in Arizona and staying hydrated is essential. My apple watch is a staple in my every day life — this thing is a lifeline…preview messages, answer calls, track steps, workouts etc. And, wireless headphones =game changer, a necessity for any and all workouts!

Show me the shelter puppies (11 of 11)

Outfit 1 – “Show Me The Shelter Puppies” –
Shelter Puppies TankShortsShoesRingsWater BottleWatchHeadphones

If you were to ask me 7 years ago if I could see myself working with dog rescues and falling head over heels in love with Pit Bulls, I would have laughed at you. But as they say, it starts with one and that is true for me as well. Just over 6 years ago our family wanted a dog. I wanted a pug and my husband wanted a Pit Bull. Our friend Natalia kept sending my husband pictures of Pit Bulls that were looking for their forever homes. One day, she sent some pictures of a mom that just had puppies, and that’s when my boy Jaxon came into our life.

When we adopted him, everything changed. I connected with the people at the rescue, and my heart broke seeing all of these innocent dogs just wanting a family. I knew I needed to help. I started volunteering my time helping at events, and then becoming part of Pittie Me Rescue. A few years ago, we saw that Jaxon was ready for a playmate. That’s when Chloe came in to our life. She is the sweetest girl that just loves affection.

I have learned so much from both Jaxon and Chloe… I could not imagine my life any other way. I currently volunteer at Pittie Me Rescue, Maricopa County Animal Care, and One Love Pit Bull Foundation.  If you can’t find me at one of these places, or events, I am either at the gym, or on my favorite spot on the couch, with Jaxon and Chloe catching up on my favorite shows.

I styled my second outfit to showcase how I wear my OG Pup Tee and the Mutt Life hat when we are out exploring Arizona.  In this case, Michael and I had just dropped our son off at camp.  The OG Pup Tee is perfect for road trips, and since it is light weight, it is great for all things active! My white shorts are simple, but paired with the OG Pup Tee they make the words on the shirt really pop!  My sunglasses are by Spy and sandals are by UGG! The goal of this look was for it to be simple and something you can toss together easily while out traveling.

Outfit 2 – “You Had Me At Puppies” –
OG Pup TeeShortsSandalsSunglassesHat

❤ ❤ ❤
HEY DANA, thank you so much for all you do for our community.  You are wonderful!!!

Also…. follow Dana’s husband’s photography page on instagram at @michaelklosephotography

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