The Belle of the ball.

There is something about this beautiful, sweet, loving, chocolate mama that has our hearts beating out of our chests…
Image result for heart beating out of chest meme

This three-year-old girl came to our attention through a situation that is not typical of our day-to-day efforts.  A concerned citizen called one of our friends at One Love about a mama dog and her puppies that were in need of care.  Although we do not have the resources to support these types of situations, when this one came to our attention we remembered an organization we have been watching, and admiring, Almost There Foster Care.  One of our Project PAL volunteers, Annie, works with ATFC regularly.  This organization specializes in providing care and shelter to mamas and their puppies, and then adopts them all out to loving homes. So, we reached out to Annie to see if Almost There Foster Care might have room to house Belle and her babies. This is one of those instances where the stars literally aligned. It just so happened that they were able to make it work to take this mama and her pups in. The puppies have all since been adopted (within just a couple weeks).  Now, it’s Belle’s turn to find the perfect home.
Belle boasts all the best qualities, she’s stunning, people LOVE her coloring.  She is sweet, affectionate, lives for belly rubs, and just wants to be with her people all the time. We had her out at an event on Saturday and she did really well.  She had a bit of trauma to her back hip before landing at ATFC, but has been checked out by the vet and we have been told it will heal on its own.  Belle will be spayed on March 30 and will be ready to go home forever any time after that.  If you are interested in this perfect lady, email ! We are all head over heals for her and are eager for her to find her happily ever after!

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