Is Toby Your Spirit Animal?

This week, Tristan selected Toby to feature for Project PAL. I want to begin by saying I am very proud of Tristan for not selecting a brown dog, she has really broadened her dog palate on her last couple of picks! Toby actually happens to have the best of all colors/textures.  Like, if my stepdaughter scrapbooked a dog, it would = Toby. So, for those of you who like to be original, unique, and have something no one else has…Toby is your guy. He is white and black with brindle legs ❤ …does that make him a dog unicorn? I feel like it does. 

Sweet Toby has been at MCACC East since June 11th.  If you are horrible at math like me (English majors unite!), that is getting dangerously close to FOUR months at the County Shelter.

It is important for you to know that One Love Pit Bull Foundation has recently sponsored Toby under their Shelter Dog Program.  If you’ve been paying attention to any of our posts for the last multiple months, you know this means they will provide shelter enrichment for Toby, a microchip, flea & tick treatment, and free post-adoption training to help him adjust and bond with his new family.

Toby will be an all-around great companion for the person/family that chooses him.  As far as adopting a dog goes, he’s a pretty low-maintenance choice.  I’d say he’s kind of like a mullet–business in the front, party in the back.  I really wanted to use that quote, so now it might be a biiittt of a stretch to make it work but here it goes: Nine times out of ten, Toby will want to just take a load off and watch whatever TV show you are currently addicted to (business in the front?)…he won’t make any complaints or give unwarranted commentary, which I am specifically pointing out because I do feel this quality is undervalued.

Toby may be a calm and patient fella, but don’t get us wrong….he still has the hops and will surprise you every once in a while with his agility (party in the back?). When Emily with One Love told me this about Toby, I was so happy. Mostly because recently, my fiance played basketball with one of his friends and came home and literally said the same thing about his friend’s basketball skills. This information led Emily to suggest that Toby is Justin’s friend’s spirit animal.

Toby already knows basic commands and he is very gentle when taking treats.  On top of that, he has great leash manners, which you don’t fully appreciate until you have a dog that has horrible leash manners (not naming any names but my foster dog, HAYLEY & Jenni’s dog Chance).

Anyways, MCACC Shelter Staff have listed Toby at approximately 4 years old. He is currently being cared for at MCACC East and his ID is A3783028. If you already have a dog, bring him/her in for an intro prior to adopting! We sure hope we can help Toby find his family in the next 7 days before he officially hits four months at the Shelter! 14448918_742166149256226_2819948255760937121_n


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