David, Mr. Wonderful

This week’s PAL is David <3. Sweet David has tons of potential, but has had a rough beginning. He was brought into the shelter after being found roaming around the streets with a couple of dogs. He and the other dogs had been injured by another dog, but received veterinary care when they arrived at the shelter (shoutout to Dr. Besemer from Scottsdale Hills Animal Hospital… You and your team are the best!!).

As expected, David has been a little shy and apprehensive… he’s been warming up slowly but surely :). As he starts to feel safe, more of his amazing personality shines through. He’s been smiling and even greeting people at his kennel with a little tail wag! Everyone who has met him has fallen in love and says he is just the sweetest… and who is surprised with that face?!

One Love Pit Bull Foundation added David to their Shelter Dog Program and he has passed all behavioral evaluations. They even think that being around other dogs will help him boost his confidence… just look at him in the below picture hanging out with his pal. He sure looks like he’s coming out of his shell to me!


One of One Love’s fosters has recently decided to foster David to give him an environment where he can blossom and grow into the wonderful dog that we know he is! David needs an owner and family that he can trust and who can help nurture him. He just needs someone he can depend on. He may be slow to open up and feel comfortable, but we know that this fella has so much love to give and joy to bring! Whoever gets to spend furever with this guy sure is lucky. We can already tell this will be one of those “Who saved who?” stories!

If you want to learn more about David or meet him, email us at projectpalaz@gmail.com and we can put you into contact with David’s foster. David’s adopters will receive free training classes to help David adjust to his new life. This adorable pup has so much to give and we are SO grateful to One Love for providing him with the resources to live a happy and wonderful life <3. Let’s help give David the life he deserves and find him his forever home this week!

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